Renegade Radio - 10 years non stop and STILL rulin n Oldskoolin

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Renegade Radio - 10 years non stop and STILL rulin n Oldskoolin

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The go to Underground Dance Music Radio Station on the net AND the FM AIR WAVES!

24 hour underground dance music radio station on the net and the FM dial.

Established in Summer 2007 by The Champion Puffa and Livvy, the plan was for DJs, Producer's and lovers of underground dance music from all backgrounds and from all over the world to enjoy the music, share their passion and creativity with people around the world 100% free of charge and with a worldwide audience 365 days a year.

Over the years #RR1072FM have originated many ideas and showcased many live events, these range from broadcasting Live Pool Parties in the USA, Live Club events from Japan, Chile, France, Belgium, Spain and the UK, The original on air DJ battles and our annual charity event 'The Long Good Friday', where we raise money for Chase Children's Hospice - to being the proud host of well established artists in the underground music scene such as Tyree Cooper, LFO, Frank De Wulf, Renaat Vandepapeliere (owner of R&S Records), Altern8, 2 Bad Mice, DJ Tango, Dr. S. Gachet, Wayne Anthony (Genesis 88), Nebula II, DJ Trix & Ultravibe and many many more while being proud monthly hosts to Oldskool Sundays with DJ Glenn Aston and DJ Gershwin, ManParris and many more.

With DJ's scheduled live every night of the week from Mexio, Chile, India, Russia, The USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany, France, Belgium and the UK, Renegade Radio TRULY is the United Nations of the Underground Dance Radio Scene!

With new DJ's filtering through from all over the world and new styles and sounds of underground dance music being played and showcased daily, mixed up with the sound tracks of your past, we will continue to deliver what you want to hear, be that House and Hip-Hop, through to Acid, Oldskool Hardcore, Jungle Drum n Bass to Techno, Trance, EDM, Dub step, Reggae and Break beats, there is always something for you on Renegade Radio 107.2FM.

FREE Pager message the LIVE DJ with no need to enter a chat room -

Facebook Player -

Android App (FREE DOWNLOAD) - ... l.renegade

Streema -

TuneIn -

Renegade Pager direct to DJ -

Listen / Chat / Pager - ... -radio.htm

Or use iTunes Radio (search Renegade Radio under electronica), Hardcore Lives Tuner or one of the many other ways online by searching 'Renegade Radio 107.2FM'

Contact Management If You Fancy Joining The Renegade Family - WE DON'T CHARGE DJ's TO DO WHAT THEY LOVE!!

Big Love all crew and remember to keep a smile on your face,an open mind and don't take shit too serious! ;)

See you soon.
Renegade Radio 107.2FM
The TRUE Underground Vibes - WORLDWIDE!

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